Kingdom Fitness Program

From Inner healing to a holistic customized health plan

Our Services

Kingdom Fitness Program


It is a 66 day high accountability program that begins with inner healing, personal development tools and resources to a customized holistic health plan.  

Fitness Mentorship Curriculum


Fitness Mentorship is designed to combine a coaching style mentorship with Hip Hop Dance Fitness & Hip Hop Literacy.  

Kingdom Expansion Project


This is a network of believers, churches and ministries who primary purpose is serve the city through corporate prayer, prayer walking and servant evangelism. 

Online Hands On Grant Writing Course


A simple and easy way for a new beginner to get started writing basic proposals. 

Personal Issue Focus Session


Individual inner healing process that integrates 4 areas of ministry that provides healing and freedom for the believer. 

Professional Development


Provide training for work teams at churches, schools and nonprofits.